Little Green Thumbs ABA, LLC was founded in 2021. We are a unique and talented team providing ABA services to children with a diagnosis of autism, and academic support services to any child in need. Little Green Thumbs ABA, LLC provides direct assessment, consultation, intervention services, school support services, social skills groups, parent training, 1:1 academic coaching, and small group tutoring in northwest Indiana and northeast Illinois. Telehealth services and BCBA supervision are available worldwide.


What makes us unique? Our founding BCBA has autism, and each child's treatment program incorporates a neurodiverse perspective. Autism is a life-long condition accompanied by both gifts and challenges. It is okay to be autistic, and we emphasize that. Our ABA therapy does not try to make any child "normal", instead we promote independence in everyday environments through play, and using the momentum of your child's natural curiosity and individual strengths. Additionally, we understand that peer-reviewed science clearly demonstrates that we learn best when we are outside, moving, and having fun. This is foundational to our treatment. Little Green Thumbs ABA, LLC specializes in individualized outdoor and garden-based ABA therapy.  

Children in the Garden

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